Here you will find the most up to date list of our staff and their job roles. 

Senior Staff

Principal: Miss D Henley

Vice Principal: Mr M Aggus

Assistant Headteacher: Mr E Kyndt

 SENCo: Mrs T Quinn

Portico Staff

CEO: Mrs C. Woolf 

Director of Learning and Teaching: Mr R Queenborough

Office Manager: Mrs V Dadd

Caretaker: Mr G Hudson

Catering Manager: Mr D Milman

Administrative Assistant: Miss V Brand

Attendance Officer: Miss S Irvin
IT Technician: Mr H Bannon

Catering Assistants: Mrs C Humphreys, Miss C Taylor, Mrs D Raffety & Mr B Cammidge

Pupil and Family Wellbeing Lead: Mrs K Thomas

Assistant SENCo: Miss F Ross

SEN LSA: Mrs D Douglas

Oasis: Miss B Johnstone, Mrs Y Gilbey & Mrs S Nial

Play Therapist: Miss Freeman


Mrs L Maltby

Mrs P Lander


Sea Lion Class Teacher: Mrs L Britton & Mrs C Bolter

Sea Otter Class Teachers Mrs Halifax

Sea Lion LSA: Mrs S Richardson-Foster

Sea Otter LSA: Mrs L Heard

Reception LSA: L Mrs N Quaglia-Hunt

Year 1

Shell Class Teacher : Mrs V Caplan & Mrs L Martin

Pebble Class Teacher: Mrs L Morris

Shell LSAs: Mrs B Aldridge & Mrs M Miserlisoy

Pebble LSA: Mrs L Johnson

Year 2

Oyster Class Teacher: Mrs S Head

Seahorse Class Teachers: Miss N McMillan

Oyster LSAs: Mrs E Payne

Seahorse LSA: Mrs A Carter

Year 3

Starfish Class Teacher: Miss M Jordan

Lobster Class Teacher: Miss J Franks

Year 3 LSA: Mrs S Clifton

Year 4

Porpoise Class Teacher: Mrs L Chaaibi

Orca Class Teacher: Mrs K Dyos-Smith & Mrs S Wakefield

Porpoise LSA: Mrs R Gibson

Orca LSA: Miss J Gibson

Year 5

Sea Turtle Class Teacher: Mrs F Hafeez

Swordfish Class Teacher: Mrs F Scanes

Sea Turtle LSA: Ms H Roberts

Swordfish LSA: Mr C Morris

Year 6

Octopus Class Teachers: Mrs S Mears

Stingray Class Teacher: Mr J Rasor

Octopus LSA: Mrs L Brinkley

Stringray LSA: Mrs T Hudson

Music Teacher: Mrs S Baines

French Teacher: Mr C Morris

KS1 Intervention Teacher:  Miss H Preston & Mrs C Bird

KS2 Intervention Teachers: Mrs N Gower & Mrs L Croarkin

Midday Assistants

Ms B Aldridge

Mrs M Baines

Ms A Carter

Ms S Clifton

Ms D Douglas

Ms T Freeman

Ms R Gibson

Ms L Heard

Ms J Johson

Mrs P Lander

Mr C Morris

Ms C Nellan

Ms H Roberts

Mrs K Tricker

Breakfast Club Assistant

Ms A Carter

Ms D Douglas

Ms R Gibson